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Anna Grudzień

Anna Grudzień - Kurpiewska

Legal counsel and licensed trustee in bankruptcy – restructuring adviser, author of publications and legal analyses, adviser and negotiator in processes of sales and transformations of companies with Polish and international capital.

She specializes in providing legal services to businesses. She has extensive experience in bankruptcy law, corporate restructuring, and legal counselling for entities at a crisis stage of their business activity.

Anna Grudzień – Kurpiewska serves as a trustee in bankruptcy in the bankruptcy proceedings both of companies and of individuals – consumer bankruptcy.

She has solid experience in the field of debt collection. She has repeatedly represented creditors before the court or at the stage of negotiations and mediation. She prepares petitions in bankruptcy and represents clients at the pre-trial stage and before the court. She advises companies and individuals.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun: she is a lawyer with extensive procedural experience, a legal counsel, a licensed restructuring counsellor, and the owner of a law firm. She speaks fluent English in her legal work.

Igor Juckiewicz

Igor Juckiewicz

Legal counsel and specialist in bankruptcy, restructuring, and labour law.

He has extensive experience in providing legal services to trustees in bankruptcy. He has argued complicated cases regarding legal actions which have been unsuccessful in relation to bankruptcy estate. He has developed a series of legal opinions on the issues of bankruptcy, concerning e.g. requests to exempt assets from the bankruptcy estate, lists of claims, descriptions and estimations of companies, tenders, boards of creditors, or the effects of bankruptcy with regard to contracts, personnel matters, and consumer insolvencies.

He has frequently prepared petitions in bankruptcy and represented creditors in bankruptcy proceedings and debt collection. He also acts as an official receiver in bankruptcy proceedings.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, the School of Banking Law and Banking at FLA UMK, and the Faculty of Graduate Studies in Real Estate Valuation at the Higher School of Banking in Torun, in 2015 he passed the exam qualifying him as a licensed trustee in bankruptcy.

He is the author of a gloss to the judgement of the Supreme Court of 12 July 2012, I CSK 548/11, on the termination of a lease contract by the lessor in the event of the lessee’s bankruptcy, Jurisprudence of Polish Courts 2014 No. 1, and other publications.

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