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Anna Grudzień - Kurpiewska’s Bankruptcy Law Firm

Anna Grudzień - Kurpiewska’s Bankruptcy Law Firm provides comprehensive services for handling the insolvency proceedings of both enterprises (bankruptcy of enterprises) and individuals (consumer bankruptcy) in Mazovia and Kujawy-Pomerania provinces. We prepare petitions in bankruptcy and conduct restructuring processes. We represent clients in court. We also participate in negotiations, mediation, and settlement proceedings.
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ul. Miechowska No. 4 lok. 3
00-428 Warsaw

Branch in Kujawy-Pomerania province
Golub – Dobrzyń, 87- 400
ul. Pod Arkadami No. 6


Phone / Fax: (56) 683 31 09
Mobile: (+48) 513 175 036



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